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Industrial Policy & Strategy

The economic policy framework of the government provides broad guidelines and directions for a sustainable industrial development and promotion of local industries. It emphasizes increasing income generation and employment creation through the opening of untapped domestic market opportunities and the promotion of value- added local raw material, resource based export industries and also emphasizes on broad basing the industry with a view to creating increased industrial activities in the regions. In facilitating this process, the government stands ready to provide support services as well as infrastructure requirements to provide industrialists to establish factories in rural areas.

Keeping in line with the government’s economic policy framework, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce adopts several approaches in promoting industrial development in the country.

  • Enhancing the competitiveness of selected thrust areas
  • Regional industrialization through Gamata Karmantha project
  • Regional Industrial Estate Development
  • Environment Friendly Industrialization
  • Productivity improvement in industry sectors

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