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Macro Policy Division

The relevant guidelines have been published in all three languages by the Ministry of Industrial Development in the “Dinamina”, “The Ceylon Daily News” and “Thinakaran” on 15th March 2010. (Please click below for the publications)


  • Cusdecs (Customs documents with the signatures of the Customs officials  and the Party’s copy) of all the components imported
  • Invoices for all the locally manufactured components


The actual cost structure should contain detailed explanations with regard to the following

  • Direct Labour Cost Per Unit
  1. Total direct labour cost (Total remuneration cost of all supervisors and skilled workers)
  2. Actual man hours used in the assembly line per annum
  3. Rate per labour hour
  4. Number of labour hours per unit
  5. Labour cost per vehicle (No. of hours/ Rate)
  • Depreciation
  1. Cost of plant machinery, and tools directly involved in the assembling of vehicles (with the breakdown)
  2. Depreciation rate used
  3. Depreciation per unit
  • Overhead Costs
  1. Production and factory overhead cost per vehicle
  2. Administration overhead cost per vehicle
  3. Financial expenses per vehicle

  1. Receipt of requests on Tariff Anomalies/Issues from Various Industrialists, Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Trade Associations to the Macro Policy Division of the Ministry.
  2. Detailed investigations, Examinations, Analysis of Cost Structures, Studies of Value Addition etc. by the division.
  3. Recommendations of the Ministry  to the Trade and Tariff Cluster (TTC) of the National Council for Economic Development (NCED)
  4. Decisions of the Trade and Tariff Cluster (TTC) to the Department of Trade, Tariff and Investment Policy of the Ministry of Finance & Planning for Implementation.


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