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Industry Registration

One of the main activities of this Ministry is registration of industries under the Industrial Promotion Act No. 46 of 1990. Every person carrying on an industrial undertaking except an industry under BOI (Board of Investment) should register the site or location at which such industrial undertaking is carried on.Special emphasis is given for the following industries in this process.

  • Any industry with, foreign investment.
  • Any industry employing high technology.
  • Any industry producing goods for export from Sri Lanka.
  • Any industry exploring , extracting or processing minerals or non- renewable natural resources.
  • Any industry manufacturing arms and ammunition , explosives, military vehicles and equipment, aircraft and any other military hardware.
  • Any industry manufacturing poisons, narcotics alcohol, dangerous drugs and toxic hazardous and carcinogenic material.
  • Any industry producing currency, coins and security documents.

Any Industry where:

  • The value of capital investment in plant & equipment exceeds four million rupees, and
  • The number of permanent employees in such industry exceeds fifty
  • Any industry which is owned by the Government or by company in which the Government holds a majority of the shares.

In addition to above requirements specified in the Industrial Promotion Act, concern is made on various terms and conditions implemented by Government and other organizations time to time have to be considered such as issues on environmental activities on registering the industries. Further information could be obtained through, the links already made on relevant organizations in our web site or by contacting MIS division . A certificate will be issued by the Ministry for satisfied applicants including details such as main manufacturing products location address, etc with a unique registration number.

This registration will make foundation to build your credibility among prospective customers clients and business partners. Further this is very important if you wish to obtain various facilities under some incentive schemes or any other schemes introduced by the government time to time to provide facilities to enhance your business. Registration also makes opportunity to develop a good frame of existing industries which intern makes us to build up a comprehensive database on industry statistics to make aware the current status of the sector and to make correct policy decisions to implement proper strategies in future.


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