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Value Chain Development Programmes

The ministry has initiated value chain development programmes to increase the value addition in manufacturing industry. These programmes are focused on the improvement of different levels of production process up to the marketing of products.

Under these programmes the industry is supported to improve technology, obtain internationally recognized certificates such as (ISO, GAP, HACCP, etc.), conduct research and development, increase product diversification, protecting intellectual property rights and increase market linkages. This can benefit the industry by product quality improvement through new technology adoption, market expansion and export promotion through international exhibitions and obtain quality certification, product diversification which leads to market competition, etc.

Internationally recognized exhibitions are organized with the collaboration of the privet sector and industry chambers to introduce modern technology and to expand the market for Sri Lankan products in each industry sector.  Also, the industry is supported to obtain national and international trainings for employees.  There are several tax concessions available to facilitate industry to acquire new technology machinery and equipments.

Technological institutes, Universities and training institutes are linked with these programmes to provide services to industry. They conduct training programmes, research and development activities and technology transfer programmes to cater to the industry needs. Also, laboratory testing facilities, consultancy services and surveys are carried out by these institutes.

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